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What’s the Difference Between Dentures and Dental Implants?

What’s the Difference Between Dentures and Dental Implants?

November 1, 2022

Modern dentistry has multiple replacement solutions for missing teeth you can consider if you have lost a tooth or two like many Americans between 35 and 54 have. For example, you might have lost your teeth due to accidents, dental fractures, or periodontal disease. However, when searching for replacement options for missing teeth, two prominent ones that will catch your attention are dentures and dental implants. While you might have information about dentures, you will wonder what dental implants are and why you should consider them.

This article gives you the differences between the two options to help you make an informed decision when you visit the dentist near me requesting solutions to permanently close the gap between your smile.

Dentures and Dental Implants Explained

Dentures have been around for over 150 years and are acknowledged as the time-tested option for replacing missing teeth. Dentures are removable dental prosthetics substituting your natural teeth but sitting on your gums without providing a permanent solution for your missing teeth. Dentures appear and function like teeth, but they do not give you a sense of permanency with them in your mouth. In addition, dentures need replacement every five to seven years.

On the other hand, if you want a permanent solution as a replacement for your missing teeth, you cannot look further than dental implants near you because they are the only replacement option functioning not just as substitutes for missing teeth but also helping to replace the natural tooth root you lost with the crown. Implants are titanium posts inserted into your jawbone to return as your natural tooth root after titanium integrates with your body in an osseointegration process. Getting dental implants is lengthy, and so are the costs. However, if you want a sense of permanency with the replacement solution, you find none better than implants to satisfy your needs.

Why Consider Dental Implants over Dentures?

Whether you want dentures or dental implants is not entirely your decision because not everyone qualifies for implants. Many are compelled to have dentures because of health conditions, financial constraints, and commitment to dental implants. Therefore before you consider either option, you help yourself by discussing your needs with the dentist nearby and decide on an option best suited to all your needs.

Dentures are the best option to consider if you want to close the edentulous gaps in your mouth quickly without spending considerably or committing to lengthy healing times. However, you must remember you are investing in a temporary solution that will need replacements sooner or later despite being affordable.

If you decide on dental implants in Northlake, IL, you must initially go through an evaluation allowing the dentist to examine your eligibility for dental implants. The dentist examines your dental and medical history to evaluate your candidacy for this intensive procedure. The dentist requests that you commit to the dental implant procedure needing at least a year from start to finish before you get your replacement teeth. You must also prepare yourself financially because the process of getting dental implants costs approximately $ 6000 per missing tooth. In addition, if you have a weak jawbone, you might require bone grafting that might delay treatment by three to six months. If you commit to the above, the dentist creates a personalized treatment plan to help you proceed to get dental implants.

The money you invest in dental implants remains in your mouth as a permanent investment in your smile and mouth functionality which is not available with dentures near me. If you believe the best things in life are never free or cheap, consider dental implants similar because you receive the best replacement option for your missing teeth.

How Dental Implants Benefit Your Mouth?

Do you think your smile is the only casualty of missing teeth? Do you even consider the impact your overall health suffers when you lose natural teeth? If not, the following can convince you why dental implants are the best placement solutions.

Missing teeth undoubtedly impact your smile because the gaps between your teeth make it challenging for you to meet anyone. In addition, your jawbone loses the stimulation it received from the biting and chewing forces to begin deteriorating and cause you to have a sagging appearance. Finally, the lack of teeth poses challenges when biting or chewing, compelling you to swallow large chunks of food and become a victim of indigestion.

Your remaining teeth begin drifting towards the vacant gaps to create a misalignment in your mouth and make you prone to dental infections needing treatments and visits to orthodontists to straighten your misaligned. However, if you are eligible, you help yourself avoid all the above and decide on dental implants as missing tooth replacements.

Dental implants require surgery by the Northlake dentist to embed the titanium post deep into your jawbone and wait for several months until the implant osseointegrates with your jawbone to become a natural part of your body. You receive a natural-looking, feeling, and functioning artificial porcelain dental crowns mounted over the implant after your recovery functions as a replacement for your lost tooth. The artificial tooth also helps prevent the consequences of tooth loss discussed earlier and remains in your mouth for life if you maintain excellent dental hygiene and get regular exams and cleanings with the dentist nearby.

If you have missing teeth and replacements, Smiles of Northlake provides dental implants to function as permanent replacements for your lost teeth. If you intend to have a permanent solution in your mouth, kindly arrange a meeting with the practice to discuss dental implant placement in your jawbone.