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Types of Full Dentures: What is Best for You?

Types of Full Dentures: What is Best for You?

December 1, 2022

When an individual has missing teeth, they experience many issues. The main problems include difficulty in speaking and eating food. Without the support of teeth, the mouth collapses and shrinks. It impacts your overall appearance and confidence levels.

Full dentures provide numerous benefits to patients. They restore the potential to consume plenty of foods, enhancing overall health. These dentures also fill out the sunken appearance to ensure a radiant look. The Northlake, IL dentist recommends complete dentures for individuals with zero or less salvageable teeth. Let us discover the types of full dentures available today and their benefits.

Types of Complete Dentures

Here we will discuss the different kinds of full dentures near you:

Immediate Full Dentures

Immediate dentures are the restorations that restore the smile while the patients wait for the traditional complete dentures. The dentist will highly recommend them after the tooth extraction. Unlike conventional dentures, immediate dentures are placed immediately after tooth removal.

The downside is that they need more adjustments to fit well during healing. The fabrication of immediate dentures is in advance and takes only two to three days. The procedure starts by taking a mold of the mouth before the extraction of the teeth.

The dentist will then send the mold to the dental laboratory. The technicians will create the immediate denture according to the contour and shade of the gums and teeth size. Once the mold gets complete, the dentist will ask you to be ready for a tooth extraction near me. After it’s over, the expert will place immediate dentures in the mouth. It is allowed to be there for around three days.

Traditional Full Dentures

Traditional complete dentures are tailored for each patient. They appear the same as the original teeth. They allow the patient to perform chewing and biting comfortably. When the gums heal properly, the professional places conventional dentures 8 to 12 weeks after the tooth removal. So if you have no teeth, you are a perfect candidate.

The professional starts the procedure by taking a series of impressions of the mouth tissue. Then, the expert will send them to the dental laboratory to create the appropriate model depending on these impressions. The laboratory technician will ensure that the set of dentures has a perfect fit. It will typically take five weeks from the start till the end.

Implant-Supported Overdentures

An implant-supported overdenture is a dental restoration that has revolutionized how dental professionals and oral surgeons think of replacing a complete set of teeth. The treatment typically replaces the missing teeth with the full dental bridge supported by implants. They ensure high bone stability and minimize the need for bone grafting.

You are an ideal candidate for implant-supported overdenture if you want to enhance the support and retention of your existing dentures or if you have significant bone loss due to denture use. The dentist fits the implants using a specialized mechanism that clicks with the dentures to lock them safely. The implant placed directly in the jawbone helps to hold the dentures safely in their place.

During your initial consultation, the professional will assess the diverse factors to find the most appropriate type of full dentures in Northlake, IL. Usually, the dentist puts a temporary set of teeth on the surgery day. After the healing period, the expert will install a final bridge.

It helps the patient enjoy their favorite food again and improves their quality of life. Implant-supported overdentures can be connected with clip and bar attachments or use a wide variety of abutment-based attachments. These attachments can be magnets, balls, or resilient stud attachments.

Since the dentist requires fewer dental implants for the procedure, the overall price and the time are less. Implant-supported overdentures last longer than conventional dentures. Therefore, if you want durable dentures, these restorations would be ideal.

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Getting complete dentures is a great way to restore your oral health and achieve a smile you are proud to show off. Since different full denture types are available at our dental clinic to restore your smile, finding the right one becomes challenging. Fix an appointment with the dentist in Northlake today.