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Dental Fillings in Northlake, IL


If you have chipped or decayed teeth, our dentist in Northlake, IL may recommend getting tooth fillings to repair dental function and appearance. You may require tooth fillings near you if you’ve been experiencing tooth sensitivity, toothaches, and pain when biting or chewing. Other indicators include a visible tooth hole and a broken or dislodged filling.

To restore your teeth using fillings in Northlake, IL, please contact Smiles of Northlake today.

Types of Dental Fillings

Dental restoration patients were limited to silver amalgam and gold fillings for many years. Today, patients have a broader selection to choose from.

Smiles of Northlake offers different dental fillings to meet your varied needs, including:

  • Tooth-colored composite resin fillings
  • Gold fillings
  • Ceramic fillings
  • Glass ionomer fillings

Each of these fillings has different pros and cons. Dr Mansi Mehta takes time to discuss various aspects of these restorations to help you make an informed decision.

Tooth Fillings Step-by-Step Procedure

Fillings can either be applied directly or indirectly. Direct fillings are the simplest and are poured directly into the damaged tooth. Indirect fillings, alternatively called inlays and onlays, are fabricated in a dental lab and then bonded to the tooth.

The direct fillings treatment procedure is as follows:

  • The dentist numbs the tooth using local anesthesia. In some cases, the dentist sedates the patient to help them relax.
  • Our dentist near you removes all the decayed tooth portions using a dental drill.
  • Next, Dr Mansi Mehta cleans and disinfects the tooth to remove debris and bacteria.
  • Finally, the dentist applies the tooth filling material, shapes it, and polishes it to achieve the desired final look. Composite resin fillings are applied in layers. The dentist pours multiple layers of the composite resin material while allowing every layer to harden before pouring in the next. After a careful multi-layering process, the dentist polishes the filling to mimic your natural teeth’s sheen.

Remember, fillings can crack and become worn. Regular dental exams and cleanings allow Dr Mansi Mehta to monitor your restorations and perform repairs, if necessary, closely.

Restore Your Smile Today

Are you ready to say goodbye to chips, cracks, and cavities? Get in touch with Smiles of Northlake today to choose from a wide range of tooth fillings near you.

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